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MC Capital is a highly experienced professional team that possesses the advanced skills, dedicated commitment, personalized service and industry contacts that enable us to uniquely understand, evaluate, recommend and assist in the delivery of the best funding contract.


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Stuart Losey

Stuart Losey

Assistant Commercial Lending Consultant

Stuart joined MC Capital in August of 2021.  Before joining the team, Stuart worked for Coca-Cola for 15 years in Charlotte, NC.  While at Coca-Cola Stuart specialized in leading cross functional teams to achieve success in merchandising, sales, and supply chain planning.  Stuart earned his bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Stuart and his wife, Libby, have three wonderful children and reside in Hampstead, NC.  Their two daughters, Hannah and Allison, enjoy playing volleyball.  Their son Nathan is passionate about fishing and football.  Stuart enjoys hiking, sporting events, and spending time with family.         

Ron Saulnier

Ron Saulnier

Sr. Commercial Lending Consultant

Ron is MC Capital’s senior commercial lending consultant.  Ron 40+ years of commercial banking experience including positions as Vice President and Senior Credit officer.  He is specialized in providing funding for small to medium-sized businesses with a focus on real estate related ventures.

Throughout Ron’s career he has excelled at providing economic consultation for a multitude of businesses.  He routinely provided the guidance and recommendations that built the financial structure and foundation used to obtain funding for a countless number of strategic projects.  Ron leverages his extensive commercial banking experience and excellent communication skills to assist in the negotiation and lock down of financing needed to initiate and successfully complete home flips, spec construction projects, portfolio loans and other commercial venture projects.  Ron continues to skillfully consult on a bevy of commercial mortgages whose values range from six figures to multi-million-dollar projects. He is a seasoned professional and recognized expert in the field.

Ron is a military veteran having served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War era.  He graduated from Providence College with a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Business Administration.  Ron completed his advanced education at Rutgers University studying Banking at the Stonier Graduate School.  Ron enjoys collegiate and professional sports and is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan. Ron and his wife Mary, who currently reside in Wilmington, NC are the proud parents of twin sons and one grandson.

Patrick Stoy

Patrick Stoy

Founder & President

Patrick is the Founder and President of MC Capital, a recognized leader in B2B commercial mortgage consultation space, headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Since inception, MC Capital has arranged the funding of countless commercial real estate endeavors, ranging from six-figure deals to multi-million-dollar real estate venture projects.  MC Capital leverages their extensive commercial banking experience; unsurpassed industry knowledge; underwriting and loan package structuring expertise; a customer first business model; and a focused dedication to ensure on-time deal closure that provides the best customer experience in the industry.

In addition to running MC Capital, Patrick is also devoted to the community.  He is a member of IMAF Cape Fear, an Angel fund that invests in local startups; deeply involved with his neighborhood home owners’ association (“HOA”); sponsors and works closely with many local youth athletic teams; and is an active participant in the “Change the Planet” initiative. 

While Patrick is focused and driven by his business passion, he maintains a healthy balance between work and home.  Patrick and his wife Laura have two wonderful children. Their son Jacob is an avid hockey player and their young daughter Piper Ann is an active toddler.  When not busy with business, family, and community activities, Patrick enjoys traveling with his family, attending live sporting events and socializing with friends.

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